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Where it all started: POWERLIFTING

This is one of the strength sports that originated from the US and spread to other parts of the world. Powerlifting comprises the bench press, squat and the dealift. This strength sport is managed by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). The benefits of this strength sport include weight loss, building lean, muscle mass, stress management, healthier cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and general body fitness. While it's a professional sport, it can be practiced by almost anyone. 

The squat can be performed in many ways but basically, it's performed by lifting a barbell on the back and then squat down until the hip crease is lower than your knee and return to the original position.

The bench press works the upper body and it entails lifting a weight upwards while lying back on a flat surface. 

The Deadlift is also an ideal powerlifting exercise for building body strength and athleticism. It's performed by bending down to pull a barbell off the ground to the hip region and lowering it to the ground.

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Weight Lifting

Contrary to what most people think, weightlifting is not the simple act of lifting weights. It's actually a strength sport that involves two lifts: the snatch, and the clean & jerk. Just like powerlifting, this strength sport is also performed using a barbell. Unlike in powerlifting where the trainer concentrates on moving the weight, weightlifting focuses on style and technique. Weightlifting can be a perfect workout technique for people looking to lose weight and build muscle.

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Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling happens to be one of the fastest growing strengths sports in the world. Basically, this sport has two participants who sit facing each other. The ultimate goal of this sport is to pin an opponent's arm down on a table surface. As a general rule for the sport, a participant is supposed to use only one arm. The other hand – the one that is not being used should be planted on the table. Upon the referee's call, the participants get a strong grip of each other's hand. The one who pins their opponent's arm down is declared the winner. The major factor that determines the success of this sport is one's arm power and strength as well as techniques.

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This is another popular strength sport which requires participants to be incredibly strong. This sport entails lifting heavy objects such as dumbells, heavy tyres, load sandbags, axles, and stones. The athlete should quickly move them over long distances.

Strongman is a very demanding sport that primarily tests an athlete's speed, endurance, power, grip strength, and agility. Besides, strongman tests an athlete's physical and mental limits.

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Rope Climbing

Rope climbing closes the list of the top five strength sports. This is a sport where an athlete uses their bare hands to climb up a suspended rope. Usually, rope climbing is performed by lighter athletes. It's an excellent way to work the upper body and achieve muscle endurance.

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